emPower Pack

Every year, 1500 children are diagnosed with cancer in Canada. It is an overwhelming burden on the child and their family. Childhood Cancer Canada wants to send a emPower Pack to every family in Canada whose child is newly diagnosed with cancer.  Now included in the emPower Pack: a mental health resource to help families cope with mental health issues associated with childhood cancer.

"The usual whirlwind of information and emotion that confronts parents on a routine basis is magnified significantly when the child being parented is diagnosed with cancer. Managing doctors and nurses, counsellors and clergy, family and friends – caring for a child with cancer is a double time job. It is a job that can tax the mental health of the entire family. In the midst of this confusion, Children with Cancer: A Comprehensive Reference Guide for Parents stands out as a reliable and valuable resource. This book is well researched and intuitively organized. It strikes an effective balance between authority and sensitivity. The section on coping is particularly useful and necessary. I can confidently recommend this book to parents who need a quick reference on a term or concept between appointments. I can recommend it with equal confidence to parents who, in those still hours late at night, just need to know that others have been where they are, and that they don’t have to figure this out alone." - Mark Henick, Mental Health Counsellor

The emPower Pack will be available to families on the diagnosis of childhood cancer, and will contain some or all of the following:

  • “All About A.L.L” DVD: Helps you understand the disease and its treatment
  • Project Hope: Stories of Inspiration from across Canada
  • Mental Health Component “Children with Cancer: A Comprehensive Reference Guide for Parents”: Gives parents practical answers about all aspects of their child’s cancer. It is an especially valuable and reliable resource to help families cope with the mental health issues associated with childhood cancer. 
  • Foundation Materials: Including bookmarks & Small Hands Brochures for you to pass on to family and friends who want to help us fundraise
  • St. Baldrick’s Brochures: Learn about how we are part of the world’s largest volunteer driven head-shaving event
  • Tim Horton’s Gift Card: Have a break on us
  • Stuffed animal or toy
  • Reusable Childhood Cancer Canada tote bag: to help you carry your belongings while on the go 

If you would like to make a donation to help us provide the emPower Pack or to find out more information, please call us at 1-800-363-1062 or by emailing sarah@childhoodcancer.ca.