Survivor Scholarship Program


We are proud to have awarded 110 Scholarships in 2015!

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Childhood Cancer Canada’s Survivor Scholarship Program has grown significantly in the last couple of years. In 2014, more than $256,000 in Survivor and TEVA Canada Scholarships was awarded nationwide, the most in the organization’s history. This includes 151 scholarships valued at $1,500 that were given to young cancer survivors in any university, college, or vocational training program, as well as 6 Scholarships worth $5,000 each that were awarded to students pursuing a post-graduate degree in the advanced health sciences.

Our goal is to inspire childhood cancer survivors to further their educational pursuits and to support them by easing the financial burden at this point in their lives. These young students have experienced a great deal of emotional, physical, and often financial strain throughout their journey. Moreover, many young childhood cancer survivors often experience cognitive or physical limitations or impairments as a result of their harsh cancer treatments. The Survivor Scholarship Program not only enables young survivors to focus entirely on their studies, it acknowledges the hard work and hurdles they have faced along the way to pursuing their educational dreams.

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